Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the films suitable for?

Our films are made for families with children aged between 5 - 11. Each film has characters for both adults and children (don't worry mum and dad: there's a part for you, too!).

You can choose the number of actors when ordering your film. Each film requires a minimum of two actors (e.g. 1 child and 1 adult / 2 children) up to a maximum of four (2 children and 2 adults).
Do we need to buy any equipment?

No! Our films are designed to be made using a smartphone but if you'd like to use a 'proper' camera then that's ok too!
We'd recommend you have around 5-10 GB of spare memory on your device.

If there are only two people filming (and you're both acting in the same scene) then you'll need to rest your camera on something sturdy like a cupboard or shelf. A tripod is a useful piece of equipment and there are plenty for sale online for just a few pounds.
How long will it take to film?

It depends on how you manage your filming but most people complete filming in 2-3 hours.  

If it's your first movie try not to spend too long filming each clip - just have fun and keep ticking off the clips one by one! 

You have 12 months to send us your clips so there's no time pressure at all.  You may prefer to spread filming over a weekend or even a couple of weeks.
Help! My location looks different than the drawings?

Don't worry - this is normal as everyone's home is different. 
Try re-arranging the positions of actors, objects or even the camera to fit your own space (just remember to make sure you keep this new arrangement for the whole scene). Filmmaking is about experimentation and expression so don't overthink it - trust your instincts. 
If you still feel stuck then don't worry - simply contact us at
How do we upload our clips?
Once you've finished filming just visit, upload your clips and we'll do the rest!
How long does it take to edit my film?

When we receive your clips, we'll edit your film within 14 days. Plenty of time for you to organise your red carpet premiere!
Can I change my finished film?
Once we send you your edited film you'll have 7 days to make any suggestions via the Director's Cut service. Simply email and a member of our team will reply with the next steps.
I have another question!


If you still have a question and we have not answered it here, you can get in touch at

Great!  I'm ready to film my movie!